Marc Miller Talks about the 1st HR Maximizer Conference in Houston, Texas

HR Maximizer Feedback from Attendees

Additional Feedback from the 1st HR Maximizer Conference

Hilton Americas - Houston, Texas


Thursday, August 16th (1pm - 6pm)
Friday, August 17th (8am - 4pm)


Positive Disruption & Brainstorming Around Attracting, Engaging And Retaining Clinical Staff


Providers and Nurses (RN/NP/PA/MD/DO)

Clinical Staff

GOAL - Insightful Discussion And
Thought Leadership Addressing:

Current State of Recruiting Healthcare
Providers | Nurses (RN/NP/PA/MD/DO)

Methods Used by our

What Technology
Supports This?

How do We Engage
Our Clinical Staff?

What Methods Should
We Use?

How do We Address
the 4th Aim, Wellness
of the Provider?

How can we reduce
turnover by Retaining
Clinical Staff?

Who Should Attend?

Attendees who enjoy the smaller conferences where meaningful connections are made

Attendees interested in growing clinical staff

HR/TA professionals and leaders, hiring managers up to C-Suite leaders

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Types Of Organizations:

Acute Care hospitals (primarily 0-250 beds)

Ambulatory/Outpatient Services including: Urgent Care, Retail Health and more.

HR CE Credits

This conference has been approved by HRCI for 9.5 credit hours.

We have applied for CE with SHRM and are awaiting approval.