The Hilton Americas Houston, Texas


Thursday, Aug. 1, 2019 (9am - 6pm)
Friday, Aug. 2, 2019 (8am - 2pm)


Positive Disruption in Healthcare
Talent Acquisition: Attracting, Engaging,
& Retaining Healthcare Providers

Clinical Staff Topics:

Clinicians and Providers

GOAL - Insightful Discussion And
Thought Leadership Addressing:

Current State of Recruiting Healthcare
Providers (RN/NP/PA/MD/DO)

Methods Used by our

What Technology
Supports This?

How do We Engage
Our Clinical Staff?

What Methods Should
We Use?

How do We Address
the 4th Aim, Wellness
of the Provider?

How can we reduce
turnover by Retaining
Clinical Staff?

Who Should Attend?

Attendees who enjoy smaller conferences where meaningful connections are made

Organizations interested in growing clinical staff

C-Suite & Director leaders, HR/TA professionals and leaders, in addition to other hiring managers

Types Of Organizations:

Healthcare, Hospital, and Ambulatory/Outpatient Services

HR CE Credits

We will apply for CE with SHRM and HRCI. Both are projected at 8-10 credits.

Last Year’s Presenters & Panel Members

Keynote: Marc S. Miller

President & Founder (HR Technology SME) Marc S Miller Associates White Plains, NY

Aida Fazylova, CEO
Dave Perry, COO

Executives XOR Artificial Intelligence Austin, TX

Dr. Ramona Brooks DPM, DABPM, FACFAOM

MT(AMT), MLT(ASCP) Board Certified Staff Podiatrist Houston, TX

Robert Middleton, MBA, MSN, RN

VP Patient Care Services & CNO Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center Alamogordo, NM

Lesleigh Robertson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Strategic HR Consultant & Corporate Citizenship Visionary Desired Projections Houston, TX

Etty Burk, Ph.D.

Chief People Officer The Leadership DifferenceManagement Consulting, LLC New York, NY

Dr. Anastasia Gentles, MD FAAP Dr. Bill Chu, MD FAAP

Co-Founder & CMO and Medical Director NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care Houston, TX

Carlos A. Fernandez, MBA, SWP

Talent Acquisition Manager Houston Methodist Houston, TX

Brian Bogus

President and Cofounder Abstract Media Houston, TX

James Prappas
Demetri Economou

Director & Attorney Kane Russell Coleman Logan Houston, Texas

Kim Rosengren

Marketing and Customer Experience Executive KimRosengren.com Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Elsie Crowninshield, DNP, RNP, CCRN-NE-BC

Independent Health Care Consultant Dr Elsie Crowninshield.com Los Angeles, CA

Leah Ramsey
Takisa Umeh
Rollis Fontenot III

Ascend HR Corp (HR Maximizer) Houston, TX

Kenya Fair BSN,MBA, NEA-BC

Corporate Sr. Director of Clinical Operations Cornerstone Healthcare Group Houston, TX

Nick Hines, MS, MBA

CEO & Principal Consultant Creative Solutions Group Richmond, VA

Carlos Mavins

Founder Partners Surgical Houston, TX

Steve Mamarchev, MBA

Vice President, Research & Best Practices Inward Strategic Consulting Newton MA

Gary L. Marsh, JD, SHRM-SCP

Director, Talent Management & Workforce Strategies Harris Health System Houston, TX

Topics from Last Year’s Conference

Current & Future State of Clinical

Rollis Fontenot
Rollis is founder and President of Ascend HR Corp, the company that introduced the most comprehensive and advanced healthcare subscription based recruitment service designed for growing clinical staff including providers and nurses.
What have our recruitment results taught us about the current & future state of recruiting?
  • What have our clinical providers been telling us about what they want the recruitment experience to be like?
  • How do clinical providers search for jobs in today's environment?
  • What have clinical providers said about the application process?
  • What would they like to see in video job postings?
  • What do they expect in the interview and offer process?


  • Topics to Discuss:

  • Is there a direct correlation between provider wellness and turnover due tostaff burnout?
  • What can be done to improve provider wellness and reduce staff burnout?
  • How do we address the wellness of the provider? (The 4th of Quadruple Aim)
  • How can we reduce turnover of clinical staff due to voluntary separation?

Gamification - Emerging Technology, Training and Accountability

Learn how these 3 topics can lead to improved employee retention, knowledge transfer and employee assessments: Emerging Technology, Training and Accountability


Panel Discussion
  • How should we engage the candidates throughout the recruiting,interviewing and onboarding process?
  • When are email, phone, and text most effective?
  • How do we engage providers and clinical staff after onboarding?

How should hiring managers BE inVOLVED IN order to ACHIEVE better recruitment results?

Robert Middleton
Robert is the VP of Patient Care Services and CNO at Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center, a 99 bed Level III trauma center located in Alamogordo, NM
  • Robert is the VP of Patient Care Services and CNO at Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center, a 99 bed Level III trauma center located in Alamogordo, NM
  • How responsive should hiring managers be in providing feedback and interviewing?

Creating an inclusive environment to increase productivity, retention, and staff engagement

  • When and how should we give clinical staff feedback?
  • How should organizations structure or consider wage increases and incentives?
  • How should organizations manage relationships with contract staff?

Dealing with change & growth while attracting, engaging and retaining clinical providers

Panel Discussion
  • Best practices to improve engagement and retention during organic growth, acquisitions or mergers
  • How should organizations manage and communicate change to providers and nurses?
  • Discuss each role: Leadership, Hiring managers, HR, Recruiters, Provider and Non-provider Clinical Staff

Using Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Recruitment (When Appropriate)

Aida Fazylova & Dave Perry
Aida is CEO & Dave is COO of XOR Inc., a software company headquartered In Austin, Texas, which develops Artificial Intelligence applications to automate employee recruiting workflow for large corporations.
  • Provide a basic understanding of Artificial Intelligence and chatbots
  • Review the current state-of-the-art in HR hiring processes
  • Explore the future potential to “change the game” in recruiting
  • Explore the future potential to “change the game” in recruiting
  • How to capture the benefits and reduce the risks

How to Maintain a Diverse and Inclusive Clinical Staff

Panel Discussion
  • What are some of the advantages of having a diverse and inclusive staff beyond it being the right to do?What are ways that organizations can make themselves more appealing to a diverse staff that also contributes to engagement and retention?
  • How do we recruit as an organization with an inclusive and diverse mindset?
  • How do we know if/when we have a diverse and inclusive culture?

Incentives / Perks for Providers & Nurses

Panel Discussion
We will discuss with the attendees: sign-on bonuses, education reimbursement, sponsorship, wellness incentives and more
  • What works best for attracting clinical talent?
  • What works best for engaging clinical talent?
  • What works best for retaining clinical talent?
Snack Break and Networking

Clinical & Nurse Job Video Workshop

Rollis Fontenot III
Rollis & the Ascend team have created over 200 recruiting videos and hundreds of ads that have been seen over 9 million times. The videos have been seen over 780k times resulting in over 75k clicks to their member’s clinical career sites.
What have we learned after hundreds of thousands of video views?
  • What should be the length of each video and why?
  • What should be covered in each video and who should be in them?
  • Recording Tips from Our Staff
  • Video Formula is Applicant = 100x10x10x10

Brainstorming and Implementation

How do we implement the ideas from the last 2 days?
  • Further discussion
  • Brainstorming for next year

Closing Remarks and Video Opportunities!

Rollis Fontenot and Videographers
  • Would you like to talk about your organization and why it is a great place to work?
  • Is there a video you would like to send to interested/prospective clinicians or ones that have just joined your organization?
  • Is there a video you would like to send to interested/prospective clinicians or ones that have just joined your organization?

We Look Forward to Meeting You There!