Title : Registered Nurse - Willowbrook

Department : Nursing

Type : Full Time

Location : Willowbrook, TX

Job Details :

"You can make a difference in the life of an oncology patient and find your career satisfaction by joining our team of healthcare professionals today."

About Oncology Consultants

Oncology Consultants has been a premier adult medical oncology & hematology practice in Houston, TX for over 35 years. Our healthcare team is committed to provide state of the art cancer treatment in a caring environment as we continue to expand our oncology services in the metropolitan region. 

About the Position

We are seeking RN's with Oncology and extensive Mixing/Chemotherapy.

The term nurse clinician describes the nurse whose educational preparation is at the generalist level. The nurse functions in an expanded role but does not have a master’s or doctoral degree.  The oncology nurse clinician is recognized in this practice, in accordance with the Oncology Nursing Society’s position, as a registered nurse who has a cancer-specific knowledge base and has demonstrated clinical expertise in oncology nursing practice. 

The goal of the ONC in oncology patient care is to promote the optimal function of the individual family throughout the continuum of the disease experience. This is achieved by integration of physiological and psychosocial components, utilizing the nursing process: 

  1. Assessment:  Identify resources and deficits 

  1. Planning:  Formulate goals of care, patient priorities 

  1. Intervention:  Physical care, patient education, referral, and / or counseling in order to assist the patient to reach health care goals 

  1. Evaluation:  Ongoing assessment of effectiveness of intervention, with modifications as needed 

Shift Schedule:

  • Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm
  • Saturday Backup Call rotation from 10-2pm about every 20 weeks at one location. No call duty within the first 6 mths.
    • Weekend On-Call is on a rotation basis shared by all RNs.(Voluntary)


  • Insurances: Life, medical, dental, short term and long term disability
  • 401K
  • Free parking
  • PTO
  • Holidays 
  • The oncology nurse clinician performs independent, interdependent, and dependent nursing actions and demonstrates personal professional accountability.  The ONC is a registered professional nurse who is expected to deliver direct and indirect patient care.  This care includes, but is not limited to: 

  • All actions which are defined as basic nursing 

  • Collaboration with other members of the health care team in order to coordinate nursing care, maintain continuity of health care 

  • Recognition of the uniqueness and wholeness of the individual and the importance of social relationships for the person living with cancer 

  • Advocates the individual’s freedom to choose treatment and determine the direction of their lives throughout the disease process 

  • Participate in continuing education programs and pursue professional development 

  • Areas of Nursing Practice: 

    The oncology nurse clinician will comply with the practice policies and procedures, as published and on site in each practice location.  The individual practitioner is responsible to review and implement updates as they are made available.  In the performance of clinical activities, the ONC is expected to be aware of and utilize: 

  • ONS Cancer Chemotherapy and Biotherapy, Guidelines and Recommendations for Practice, Oncology Nursing Society, 2001 

  • Safe Handling of Cytotoxic Drugs, 2nd Edition: An Independent Study Module, Oncology Nursing Society, 1997. 

  • Specific areas of nursing practice essential to optimal function with Oncology Consultants include: 

  • Patient Education: Address knowledge deficits and skill deficits through individual and/or group instruction. Areas of education include, but are not limited to: 

  • Cancer prevention and detection 

  • Disease process 

  • Chemotherapy 

  • Nutrition 

  • Community Resources 

  • Skills required for self care behaviors 

  • Patient Assessment 

  • Psychosocial Status:  Address psycho-emotional deficits through counseling and/or referral 

  • Coping 

  • Grief 

  • Physiological Status:  Address resources and deficits relating to the physiological condition of the patient: 

  • Comfort 

  • Protective mechanisms 

  • Nutrition  

  • Mobility 

  • Ventilation 

  • Elimination 

  • Sexuality 

  • Oncology Nursing Interventions 

  • Technical Aspects of Cancer Nursing include all basic nursing activities in addition to those specific to oncology patient care 

  • 1.  Demonstrate chemotherapy competency in: 

  • Preparation of chemotherapy and supportive care drugs  

  • Administration of both chemotherapy and therapeutic medications 

  • Monitoring patients throughout therapy 

  • Disposal of cancer chemotherapy and biohazardous products according to the practice policies 

  • Management of technical systems utilized in pharmaceutical management 

  • Lynx station 

  • Demonstrate proficiency in routine clinical procedures, as 

  • Handling of blood and body fluids 

  • Utilizing laboratory equipment, according to practice policies 

  • Maintenance of supplies and equipment for optimal work environment 

  • Use and maintenance of infusion devices 

  • Function as liaison between patient / health care system / lay public 

  • Professional accountability is expected of each professional registered nurse, in accordance with the Nurse Practice Act of Texas and policies and procedures of the practice: 

  • Knowledge of laws governing the practice of nursing in Texas 

  • Identification as RN via ID badge during all patient contact 

  • Current licensure by the State Board of Nurse Examiners 

  • Reported to administration with each renewal period 

  • Documentation according to practice standards includes written notes and the utilization of computer technology appropriately and effectively 

  • Nursing Actions 

  • Interventions performed in the office for oncology patient care 

  • Telephone contact / information and instructions 

  • Patient Response to therapy 

  • Administrative Role includes indirect nursing activities which promote quality cancer patient care within the practice.  This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Development of education programs which address areas identified in Section A.  This includes ongoing evaluation and modification of content, tools, methods. 

  • Time management of clinic periods, both physician and nursing 

  • Collaborative staff meetings for upgrading / revision of clinical services and nursing practice 

  • Cost effective time and equipment / supply management 

  • Plan and provide adequate nursing coverage 

  • Maintain working relationships with pharmaceutical, medical supply, and home health care representatives 

  • Work collaboratively with clinic support staff to maintain patient work flow throughout the day 

  • Provide clinical information required by the clerical staff to obtain authorization for care, optimize patient insurance resources 

  • Research: 

  • Comply with the practice policies for investigational procedures 

  • Maintain necessary records and documents 

  • Identify areas for clinical nursing research 

  • Community: 

  • Provide/promote educational programs for other nurses and/or health care providers addressing cancer patient care 

  • Participate in development of standard procedures for cancer care in community hospitals 

  • Participate in community public education programs, as screening and detection, ACS, health fairs, and other projects. 

  • Competitive salary
  • Bilingual- A+ but not mandatory
  • Extensive mixing/Chemotherapy experience Oncology Nursing experience
  • Managing side effects of cancer and cancer treatments
  • Good IV skills
  • OCN preferred
  • Computer literate

Oncology Consultants is a drug-free workplace. Candidates are required to pass a drug test before beginning employment.

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