LinkedIn Live Show

with Leah & Rollis

We host a series of LinkedIn live shows that bring industry experts together to discuss solutions to pressing issues in the HR, Healthcare and TA space. As an industry leader, we would love for you to join us as an honoured guest speaker for one of our live shows.

Who's The Show For?

This is perfect if you’re a healthcare or HR leader, professional or member of the medical community.

Recent Guests above on our shows include: Healthcare Founders, CEOs, CNOs, CTOs, CHROs, SVPs of HR, VPs of TA and more.

The individuals above possess many of these titles

Why Be On The Show?

  • ​Shine light on pressing healthcare topics
  • Network with other industry leaders and professionals
  • Be introduced to other key HR/TA leaders
  • ​Hear and see how other facilities are overcoming similar challenges
  • Share your thought leadership with the LinkedIn network
  • ​Give back to the healthcare community
  • Boost your credibility and establish yourself as a subject matter expert
  • Live shows will get 500-1000 views
  • ​Edited clips and segments will get 700-5000 views
  • ​Video clips will be marketed to Rollis Fontenot III groups and network
  • ​Estimated 65k impressions on LinkedIn

How Does It Work?

  • Growth Monday : Rollis Fontenot III and guests talk about how to grow your business and career
  • Live with Leah : Talent Tuesday with Leah Ramsey JD MPA & guests focusing on talent acquisition
  • Thursday Roundtable : Rollis Fontenot III moderates roundtable discussions with multiple guests/co
    hosts focusing on healthcare staff issues

Meet Your Hosts

Rollis Fontenot III

Rollis is a national speaker, live stream host, author, Forbes Business Council Member and founder of Ascend HR Corp & HR Maximizer Inc, the only subscription based talent acquisition service of its kind in the US. He has appeared in Forbes Magazine, ASHHRA’s Pulse, Locum’s Life and other publications.

Connect with Rollis on LinkedIn and view previous shows at #livewithrollis for all shows and #thursdayroundtable for virtually all healthcare staff/HR related content.


Previous speaking engagements :
  • 2020 IAFP Monthly Meeting
  • ​2020 Missouri & Tennessee Hospital Association Monthly Meetings
  • ​​2020 CHAHRM Annual Meeting
  • ​2020 3rd World Summit on Neonatology Nursing & Primary Health Care
Discussion topics include :
  • ​HR/Talent Management
  • ​​Healthcare Industry
  • ​​Goals/Career
  • ​Marketing/Advertising
  • ​Business/Entrepreneurship

Leah Ramsey

President at HR Maximizer, Inc., Leah helps healthcare HR teams utilize technology to attract, engage, and hire qualified clinical candidates. With over 7 years of experience in the HR and talent industry, she has partnered with HR teams from some of the leading healthcare facilities in the US to fill regional and national clinical jobs - fast.

Connect with Leah on LinkedIn and view previous shows at #livewithleah.


Previous Speaking Engagements :
  • 2020 RallyFwd Virtual Conference
  • ​​2020 Convert Your Workplace Culture, National Summit
  • 2019 Houston HHHRA, Regional Conference
  • ​​​2019 American Society for Healthcare HR Administration, National Conference
Discussion topics include :
  • HR/Talent Management
  • ​​Healthcare Industry
  • ​​Work/Life Balance
  • ​​Goals/Career
  • ​TA/Tech

About Us

HR Maximizer is a monthly subscription-based recruiting & HR consulting service. Our aim is to reduce the strain that nurse shortages has had on the healthcare system through replacing the use of traveling RNs through Attracting, Retaining, and Engaging the best talent available in the marketplace whilst lowering the amount of hard to fill hospital and clinical positions.

Next Steps

If you haven’t already, please schedule your 30 min pre-show introduction meeting with Rollis or Leah to answer any questions and discuss next steps.

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