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  • Growth Monday: Rollis Fontenot III and guests talk about how to grow your business and career
  • Live with Leah: Talent Tuesday with Ramsey JD MPA & guests focusing on talent acquisition
  • Live with Noelle: Noelle Kohles MSN RN focuses on NewGrad Nurse and Overall Staff Retention
  • Thursday Round Table: Round table discussions with multiple guests/cohosts focusing on healthcare
  • Fun and Games Friday: Join multiple guests as they take part in a variety of fun activities and games
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LinkedIn Live Show Schedule

Dates Show Title Guest(s)
Monday, January 25 #growthmonday, "Q" and I will talk about how Audio Content is on the rise! Quentin Michael Allums
Tuesday, January 26 #livewithleah #talenttuesday Nadia McKinney
Wednesday, January 27 Ethical Healthcare Staffing Amidst A National Crisis. #livewithnoelle Thomas M. Kernan, Jim March, Kelly King and Les Jebson
Wednesday, January 27 #livewithrollis Special Roundtable Event Topic: “Performance-Based Hiring”. Catrina King
Thursday, January 28 #thursdayroundtable Katie Boston-Leary, Ophelia M. Byers and Ena Williams
Monday, February 1 #growthmonday Alisha Cornell
Tuesday, February 2 #livewithleah Rollis Fontenot III
Wednesday, February 3 #livewithrollis Demi Gray, MBA, MHRM, Ph.d.c
Wednesday, February 3 MD Insight On Nursing Retention. #livewithnoelle Shona Elliott, Melissa B. Jones, Patricia A. Hickey, Christopher Haughey, Darren Klugman, Gil Wernovsky, Colleen Gordon
Thursday, February 4 #thursdayroundtable Linda Taylor, Diana Dean, Lesleigh Robertson
Monday, February 8 #growthmonday Ralph Peterson
Tuesday, February 9 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, February 10 Successful Tips to Passing the NCLEX and Beyond. #livewithnoelle Leona Werezak & Shelly Luhning
Wednesday, February 10 #livewithrollis -Cancelled Walter Gordon (Cancelled)
Thursday, February 11 #thursdayroundtable Guest
Monday, February 15 #growthmonday (Cancelled) Shay Rowbottom and Jonathan Palmar
Tuesday, February 16 #livewithleah (Cancelled) Marissa Hooker
Wednesday, February 17 LEADERSHIP #livewithnoelle Guest Host: Rollis Fontenot III, Guests: Noelle Kohles, Kristen Scates
Thursday, February 18 #thursdayroundtable: What factors determine the best communication in healthcare? Nonye Aghanya, Shara Ruffin, Avian Tisdale, Kim LaMontagne
Friday, February 19 #funandgamesfriday Denise Moore Contreras
Monday, February 22 #growthmonday J. Bryan Bennett
Tuesday, February 23 #livewithleah TJ Mercer
Wednesday, February 24 Cortex Energy System. #livewithnoelle Melissa Cortez
Thursday, February 25 #thursdayroundtable Shona Elliott, Hugh MacLeod
Monday, March 1 #growthmonday: How to grow your business & network Frank Mengert
Tuesday, March 2 #livewithleah Event Theme: The 'HUMAN' Part of HR Gwen Chambers
Wednesday, March 3 #livewithnoelle 1st half-Kristina Rolfes, Kristen Scates, 2nd half- Denise Moore Contreras
Thursday, March 4 #thursdayroundtable Amy Brown, Patti Gilliano-McClung, Jacqueline Herd, Mona Gaw DNP
Monday, March 8 #growthmonday: Career and Growth Trevor Houston
Tuesday, March 9 #livewithleah Event Topic: International Recruitment Navin Hathiramani & Katrina Hutchinson-O'Neill
Wednesday, March 10 #livewithrollis: Quint Studer
Thursday, March 11 #thursdayroundtable Fareen Fazal, Stacy Dorsey, Laura Matthews
Monday, March 15 #growthmonday Madeline Mann
Tuesday, March 16 #livewithleah Effective Job Posting & Positive Candidate Experience Marissa Hooker
Wednesday, March 17 #livewithnoelle: Life on the Remote Work Spectrum Britt Gottschalk MBA, MIO
Thursday, March 18 #thursdayroundtable: Learn what you need to know now to recruit & retain more registered nurses Rashida Charles, MSN, RN, Melissa Cortez BSN, RN, Dr. Reezena H. Malaska, DNP, MSN, RN, CCRN
Friday, March 19 #businesscasualfriday Tips, Tricks, and Fun Conversation! Jennifer Kleinhenz (she/her/hers), Lila Smith, Bibinaz Onsori
Monday, March 22 #growthmonday: SOAR Your Personal Brand... Despite Your Imposter Syndrome Asmaa I. Methqal
Tuesday, March 23 #livewithleah Event Topic: Healthcare Recruiting in 2021 Michelle Bubel
Wednesday, March 24 #livewithrollis Alexis Nicole, Melissa Cortez, Reezena Malaska
Thursday, March 25 #thursdayroundtable Felicia Miller, Omar Reid, Lesleigh Robertson, Diana Dean
Monday, March 29 #growthmonday: Let’s talk recruiting: In the US & UK Ruella Crouch
Tuesday, March 30 #livewithleah: Retention and Career Development Marquise Kimble
Thursday, April 1 ----- (No Show)------ -----------
Monday, April 5 #growthmonday: How do we build a brand that attracts using social media? Alex B. Sheridan
Tuesday, April 6 #livewithleah (sub-host: Rollis) Topic: Staffing/Recruiting for the “new normal”, Bring staff back to the office (do we or don’t we, when do we) Stacy Dorsey
Wednesday, April 7 #livewithnoelle: 4 Critical Keys to Reducing Toxic Incivility in Healthcare Dr Steve Ambrose
Wednesday, April 7 #livewithrollis: Special Roundtable Event Topic: “Performance-Based Hiring” Lou Adler, Sebastian Girard, Carlos Fernandez, Ann Miller
Thursday, April 8 #thursdayroundtable Feat. Suburban Theresa Mazzaro, Jaime Paulus, Lorraine Bamford, Priyanki Amroliwala
Monday, April 12 #growthmonday: “How to Grow and Build Trust as a Leader” Brian Harman
Tuesday, April 13 #livewithleah: Candidate Sourcing and Engagement Takisa Umeh
Thursday, April 15 #thursdayroundtable: Being YOU and Thriving at Work Valuing your Strengths and the Strengths of Others Julie Olsen, Jesyka N. Simpson, SPHR, ACC
Monday, April 19 #growthmonday: How to Turn Adversaries Into Allies Bob Burg
Tuesday, April 20 #livewithleah: 'The changing workplace within the post-pandemic world' Talie Schwager
Wednesday, April 21 #livewithrollis: Special Event with Quint Studer Quint Studer, Wayne Young
Thursday, April 22 #thursdayroundtable Jacqueline Herd, Katie Boston-Leary, Patti Guillano-McClung, Amy Brown
Monday, April 26 #growthmonday: A Story of Growth: the NightLight Pediatric Urgent care Journey Zawadi Bryant
Tuesday, April 27 #livewithleah Event Topic: Mental Health Awareness Month (How HR can support their employees in a healthy way) Hallie Sallstrom
Wednesday, April 28 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, April 29 #thursdayroundtable: Nurse Recruitment Roundtable Recruiters Share important tips for job seekers as well as opportunities Theresa Mazzaro RN CHCR RACR, Paola (Nina) Edwards, RACR, Brian CalhouN
Monday, May 3 #growthmonday: Fearlessly Hike Higher with #VerbYourValues for Self-Talk Lila Smith
Tuesday, May 4 #livewithleah: #talenttuesday "Hospice Care, Hiring, and Mental Health" Carrie Weaver, RN,BSN, CHPN
Thursday, May 6 #thursdayroundtable: how to improve patient experience by focusing on staff Pulling the team together, Increasing engagement among care teams Ronda Reid, Pamela Lindemann MA RRT NHDP-BC, Kym Ali, Noelle Kohles, Casey Smith
Monday, May 10 #growthmonday: How to Create Posts More People Will See! Stephen Pope
Tuesday, May 11 #livewithleah Event Topic: How you compete with the price of IT talent in a market with hardly any U.S. talent? Jonathan Nessmith
Thursday, May 13 #thursdayroundtable Leah Ramsey, Shanee Moret
Monday, May 17 #growthmonday: Growing Your Network In an Industry or Niche We will explore Financial HR, Healthcare & more Jonathan Palmar, Kirsten Granados🎯
Tuesday, May 18 #livewithleah Event Topic: Candidate experience during Zoom interviewing Candidate assessment methodology Defining a successful recruiting process Katya Daniel
Thursday, May 20 #thursdayroundtable Derek Curtis DNP, MA, RN, NEA-BC, Ena Williams, Devon A. Bennett, Patti Gilliano-McClung
Monday, May 24 #growthmonday: How to Level Up Your Linkedin Video Strategy Shay Rowbottom, Jonathan Palmar
Tuesday, May 25 #livewithleah Event Topic: HR trends, skills, and mental health Enrique Rubio
Thursday, May 27 #thursdayroundtable: Networking within the Healthcare Space Alisha Cornell DNP, MSN, RN, Kym Ali MSN, RN, Sara Farhat MS-HCA, Kim LaMontagne, MBA
Monday, May 31 #growthmonday (NO WORK - Holiday) Holiday
Tuesday, June 1 #livewithleah Event Topic: Challenges in Remote workforce engagement. Talent mobility, and, Capitalizing on Internal Growth Guest Host: Rollis Fontenot III, Guest: Sadia Ayaz
Thursday, June 3 #thursdayroundtable: Physician Attraction, Engagement and Retention- Cancelled/Rescheduled Marjorie Alexander, MBA, AAPPR, RMSR, Erkeda Derouen MD, Avian Tisdale MD, Jennifer Joe, MD
Monday, June 7 #growthmonday Walter Gordon, Lisa 🌻 Castagnola
Tuesday, June 8 #livewithleah The Current State of Healthcare and Nurse Recruitment Jordan Bouchard
Thursday, June 10 #thursdayroundtable: Creating a Welcoming Environment for Foreign Trained Healthcare Staff Mona Gaw DNP RN, Reezena Malaska DNP RN, Noelle Kohles, Lona Gordon
Monday, June 14 #growthmonday: Growing Our Network & Business by Showing Up on Linkedin John Chappalear, Jared Bradley, MBA
Tuesday, June 15 #livewithleah Event Title: Employees: Engagement, Culture, Recognition, and Career Development Anthony Ashby, FACHE, MBA
Wednesday, June 16 #livewithrollis: Wonderfulwednesday Kym Ali
Thursday, June 17 #thursdayroundtable - Part I PART I: Avian Tisdale MD,MBA,FAAP, Erkeda DeRouen, MD
Thursday, June 17 #thursdayroundtable- Part II PART II: Kim LaMontagne, MBA, Susie Loredo, LCSW, John Koch
Monday, June 21 #growthmonday Kizzy Parks PhD
Tuesday, June 22 #livewithleah Event Topic: Response to COVID in the workplace Jim Bibbs
Wednesday, June 23 9AM Special Recruitment Roundtable Soozy G. Miller, CPRW, CDCC, CDP
Thursday, June 24 #thursdayroundtable Heather McKenzie, Bonnie Clipper, Chibunna E. Nwaobia Ph.D., MSN, RN., Alisha Cornell, Tyson Davis MHA, BSN, RN, [email protected] Chibunna- Note: "I think employee engagement is really for some Nursing directors are struggling with, especially at this time so the topic will be great to discuss."
Monday, June 28 #growthmonday Jesyka N. Simpson, SPHR, ACC
Tuesday, June 29 #livewithleah Event Topic: The future of the Nursing Workforce Dr. Bonnie Clipper
Thursday, July 1 #thursdayroundtable (No Show?) Guest
Monday, July 5 ----- (No Show)------ Guest
Tuesday, July 6 #livewithleah Event Topic: Why the candidate experience is crucial to successful TA Marjorie (Creagh) Alexander
Thursday, July 8 #thursdayroundtable Shibu Varghese, SHRM-SCP, Lori (Pendley) Knowles, Carole J. Hackett
Monday, July 12 #growthmonday Omar Reid
Tuesday, July 13 #livewithleah Event Topic: Recruitment Strategy & the Hiring Process Farrah Copp
Thursday, July 15 #thursdayroundtable Vamshikrishna gunukula
Monday, July 19 #growthmonday Priyanki Amroliwala
Tuesday, July 20 #livewithleah Event Topic: Diversity Agency search focus, Building strong partnerships with one's community constituents. Lisa Elowson
Thursday, July 22 #thursdayroundtable Priyanki Amroliwala
Monday, July 26 #growthmonday Jonathan Palmer
Tuesday, July 27 #livewithleah Guest
Thursday, July 29 #thursdayroundtable: Raja Issa, DNP, RN, CPHQ, CPPS, HACP, CJCP, NE-BC
Monday, August 2 #growthmonday With a Guest Host- Alisha Cornell DNP, MSN, RN, Guest: Sherrine Washington
Tuesday, August 3 #livewithleah Guest
Thursday, August 5 #thursdayroundtable Rick Botelho, MD, MRCGP, ABFM, ACLM, Raquel (Wallace) Griffiths, MPH, DHSc(C)
Monday, August 9 #growthmonday Guest Host Jonathan Palmar, Guest: Rachel Druckenmiller 🗣🌟
Tuesday, August 10 #livewithleah Guest
Thursday, August 12 #thursdayroundtable Donna Forgy, Diana Dean, SPHR, Tonya Richards, Anthony Ashby, FACHE, MBA
Monday, August 16 #growthmonday Shanee Moret
Tuesday, August 17 #livewithleah Guest
Thursday, August 19 #thursdayroundtable: Reserve for HR Leadership Roundtable Omar Reid
Friday, August 20 #livewithrollis: Business Casual Friday Sri Mahabir
Monday, August 23 #growthmonday Nadia McKinney
Tuesday, August 24 #livewithleah Guest
Thursday, August 26 #thursdayroundtable Dr. Brittany Richards, Candace Campbell, Sharon (M.) Weinstein, CSP, CVP, CRNI-R, MS, FAAN
Monday, August 30 #growthmonday Stephanie 🌸 Saunders
Tuesday, August 31 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, September 1 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, September 2 #thursdayroundtable Guest
Monday, September 6 ----- (No Show)------ Guest
Tuesday, September 7 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, September 8 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, September 9 #thursdayroundtable: Creativity in Healthcare Dr. Caroline 🎤 Brookfield
Monday, September 13 #growthmonday Leon Fress
Tuesday, September 14 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, September 15 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, September 16 #thursdayroundtable: CNO Thursday Roundtable Derek Curtis DNP, MA, RN, NEA-BC, Ena Williams, Patti Gilliano-McClung, Devon A. Bennett, Dr. Ekene Ejimofor DNP. RN. MSHCM , LaTivia Carr MSN, BS, RN, NEA-BC
Monday, September 20 #growthmonday Shara Ruffin
Tuesday, September 21 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, September 22 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, September 23 #thursdayroundtable Melissa Cortez BSN, RN, Melanie Marshall
Monday, September 27 #growthmonday Michael E. Frisina, PhD, LTC(R)
Tuesday, September 28 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, September 29 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, September 30 #thursdayroundtable Guest
Monday, October 4 #growthmonday 🌟Carl Shawn Watkins 🌟
Tuesday, October 5 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, October 6 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, October 7 #thursdayroundtable Guest
Monday, October 11 #growthmonday Hayden Huff
Tuesday, October 12 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, October 13 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, October 14 #thursdayroundtable Guest
Monday, October 18 #growthmonday Guest-Ahmed El Hamamsy
Tuesday, October 19 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, October 20 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, October 21 #thursdayroundtable: Nurse Leader Roundtable Dawna Cato, PhD., RN, NPD-BC
Monday, October 25 #growthmonday Guest Robert Berry
Tuesday, October 26 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, October 27 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, October 28 #thursdayroundtable: Physician Roundtable Danielle Madril, MD, MHCM, FASA
Monday, November 1 #growthmonday Usama Zeid Bashir Salim
Tuesday, November 2 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, November 3 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, November 4 #thursdayroundtable Guest
Monday, November 8 #growthmonday Lona Gordon
Tuesday, November 9 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, November 10 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, November 11 #thursdayroundtable Guest
Monday, November 15 #growthmonday Melanie Marshall
Tuesday, November 16 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, November 17 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, November 18 #thursdayroundtable Guest
Monday, November 22 #growthmonday Kisha Wynter
Tuesday, November 23 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, November 24 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, November 25 #thursdayroundtable Guest
Monday, November 29 #growthmonday with a Guest Host Guest
Tuesday, November 30 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, December 1 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, December 2 #thursdayroundtable Guest
Monday, December 6 #growthmonday Guest
Tuesday, December 7 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, December 8 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, December 9 #thursdayroundtable Guest
Monday, December 13 #growthmonday Guest
Tuesday, December 14 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, December 15 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, December 16 #thursdayroundtable Guest
Monday, December 20 #growthmonday - No show Guest
Tuesday, December 21 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, December 22 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, December 23 #thursdayroundtable Guest
Monday, December 27 #growthmonday - No show Guest
Tuesday, December 28 #livewithleah Guest
Wednesday, December 29 #livewithnoelle Guest
Thursday, December 30 #thursdayroundtable Guest