Maximize your healthcare recruitment process with HR Maximizer

HR Maximizer partners with your internal HR and Recruitment team to provide screening, an ATS system, as well as video job production to boost your candidate pipeline. This service does not charge any fees for individual hires or requisitions as the use of this service is on a subscription basis.

Maximize your healthcare recruitment process with HR Maximizer

HR Maximizer partners with your internal HR and Recruitment team to provide screening, an ATS system, as well as video job production to boost your candidate pipeline. This service does not charge any fees for individual hires or requisitions as the use of this service is on a subscription basis.

What is HR Maximizer?

HR Maximizer is a subscription-based recruitment, advertising, and lead generation service powered by the latest technology. This service collaborates with your existing HR team in order to enhance and manage your clinical requisitions. HR Maximizer specializes in building and managing a pipeline of qualified and interested candidates for your hard-to-fill clinical openings.

Client Testimonials...


"HR Maximizer works for us because it is more like a partnership that is very responsive to our changing business needs. We saw almost an immediate impact as far as results are concerned, however it has been the ongoing relationship that has proven to be the most valuable to us. I look at it more as an extension of our recruiting department, as opposed to a transactional relationship.”

Alex Duell
Michelle Bubel

Sr. Director Human Resources and Recruiting, RediClinic

Recruiting Markets
- Houston
- Austin
- San Antonio
- Philadelphia
- New Jersey
- Seattle
- Virginia
- Maryland
- Delaware


“I think the relationship between the hospital and HR Maximizer allows a community based hospital with limited resources the ability to exponentialize its recruiting efforts on a regional and national basis. Because of the use of technology and relevant marketing materials, we’re able to increase our footprint and frankly introduce us to candidates that would have never considered a hospital like ours.".

Sebastian Heinrichs
Robert Middleton

Vice President of Ancillary Services/Chief Administrative Officer/Chief Construction Executive, GCRMC

Saving an average of $30,447
on clinical recruitment, each month!


“I would describe HR Maximizer as an extension of Human Resource recruitment/marketing. Our decision to go with HR Maximizer was based on a personal connection, meeting two professionals that were very articulate, intelligent and knowledgeable about recruitment, but also just have very down to earth personalities, easy to engage with and strike a conversation with; and bringing them on has afforded me the ability to have more resources dedicated to recruitment".

Sebastian Heinrichs

Jaime Paulus
Talent Acquisition Manager at Vail Health

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HR Maximizer 20 Minute Recruitment Strategy Call

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20 min

Learn more about HR Maximizer in a no strings attached meeting where we can discuss your hiring and growth targets and determine if your goals can be met with HR Maximizer.


Job Postings

Custom Career Page

HR Maximizer creates a custom career page for your organization. This career page uses your company information and logos to create an easily navigated webpage that displays your open positions.

Two key features of HR Maximizer’s custom career page are the “Quick Apply” feature and our Featured Jobs section. The Quick Apply feature enables applicants to apply to your posting in less than 5 minutes with all the necessary information to determine their qualifications and makes it simpler to engage with the candidate in 1 - 3 days. Our Featured Jobs section is designed to draw attention to your key openings. These postings may be in departments that need to hire quickly or hire a large volume, so they are given priority on the Career Page and in advertising.

In addition, our team will work alongside yours to create an FAQ page of common questions applicants have to help streamline moving applicants through your hiring process. We also help you create a video library that gives potential applicants an inside look to your organization and departments.

Social Media Advertising

HR Maximizer aids your organization in creating a proprietary advertising network with custom tracking information. HR Maximizer uses images and videos for your organization to reach potential candidates wherever they may be on the Internet. A key feature of how HR Maximizer does so is by using geotargeting. Geotargeting enables your ads to reach potential candidates with certain qualifiers when they enter a specific area or radius.

Your organization will be able to utilize effective ads across Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn as well as Indeed Sponsored postings. You will receive custom reports designed to easily show you the results of your social media advertising campaigns.

Video Jobs

HR Maximizer aids your organization in creating and maintaining a unique presence by using video jobs. Our service includes a video production team that will come to your organization to aid in the creation of compelling videos, or you can provide your own videos within certain parameters. These videos are then reviewed by a team of nurse consultants before your video jobs are created. The video jobs contain compelling descriptions of your openings with embedded videos to provide an inside look to the specific department or your organization. The video jobs can also be shared via social media advertising to reach a greater number of potential applicants.

A.I. Integration

HR Maximizer offers MaxBot A.I. - an integrated Artificial Intelligence service - to simplify and enhance your candidate engagement. MaxBot can be used for scheduling, prescreening, and re-engagement with current and former candidates.

Scheduling - MaxBot seamlessly integrates with your calendar to schedule qualified candidates for full in-person or phone interviews. MaxBot can also send reminders to your team members and the candidate regarding the scheduled interview and any additional details needed.
Prescreening- MaxBot can be used on high volume requisitions to save time for your team. A link to a pre-screening questionnaire is sent once a candidate applies to your opening. MaxBot guides the candidate through the pre-screening process and can answer a number of questions the candidate may have. If a candidate successfully passes the pre-screening, MaxBot will then aid in scheduling the candidate to a recruiter’s calendar for additional screening or interviews.
Re-Engagement- MaxBot can be programmed to reach out to previous applicants on specific job postings with details about new openings with your organization. MaxBot can find out if these candidates would be interested in the new opportunity and aid them in applying.

Mobile Optimization

The vast majority of traffic on your website comes from users on a mobile device. These users are looking for a webpage that is optimized for mobile use. Our team works on creating a career page designed to be easily viewed on any mobile device. In addition to being easily viewed, any job postings on your page will be quick and easy to apply. This can increase your rate of applicants by percent.

Max Dash

The Max Dash is an interactive and live dashboard to track your recruitment and marketing KPIs and results. The dashboard is fully customizable, within your level of service, to provide your team with the key information you need. Your HR leaders will have full access to the dashboard at any time, and one of our team members can provide you with regular insight to your data to ensure your team is getting the best usage of our service to meet your needs.

Market Research

HR Maximizer regularly conducts market research and compiles the data into market research reports. Your team will have full access to these reports, such as a nationwide incentives and compensation report with an interactive map.