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Subscription Based Talent Acquisition

Revolutionize Your Approach

HR Maximizer has revolutionized talent acquisition with a recruitment process enhancement (RPE) model based on a monthly subscription that is focused on both quality and value.

What is HR Maximizer?

HR Maximizer is a subscription based recruiting service that specializes in the delivery and initial screening of registered nurse (RN), nurse practitioner (NP), physician assistant (PA), and physician (MD | DO) candidates. We partner with our members (clients) to facilitate a 'big picture' approach toward maximizing clinical recruitment results overall as well as the ability to focus on certain critically needed positions.

Why Members Choose HR Maximizer

Defy The Traditional Recruiting Model

  • ✓ No long term contracts
  • ✓ No contingency fees
  • ✓ Partners with your HR team
  • ✓ Budget friendly cost cost certainty
  • ✓ Access to technology
  • ✓ Dedicated Resources
  • ✓ Flexible Approach
  • ✓ Value beyond the search

How Is logo Different?

Recruitment Vendor Platform Comparison

What are the differences between platforms when comparing potential vendors?
Vendor Type No Fees | Charges for Each Hire or Requisition Partners with Internal HR | Recruitment Team* Screening, ATS**, Video Job Production Vendor Does Not Share Applicants with other Firms
logo check check check check
Retained Search Firm / Agency cross cross cross cross
RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing cross cross cross check
Contingency / Staffing Agency cross cross cross cross

*HR / Recruiters partner and share resources to help fill more positions since pay is based on the relationship and not individual hires. RPO does this to an extent (i.e. Applicant Tracking System), however RPO is designed to take ownership of the requisition. **ATS = Applicant Tracking System

Clinical Candidate Lead Generation Solutions

For Organizations With Dedicated Clinical Recruiters or Screeners

This chart compares the services included in different advertising packages for generating clinical RN/NP/PA/MD/DO applicants when members have enough internal resources to phone screen all candidates within 1 to 3 business days.
logo Essentials Level III Level II Level I
Mobile Friendly Career Site
Mobile Optimized Application
Google Search & Sponsored Indeed
Nurse Reviewed Job Postings
Embedded Job Videos
Nurse Reviewed Videos
Video Production & Hosting 0 Per year 10 Per year 15 Per year 20 Per year
Facebook or Linkedin Advertising
GeoTargeting, Display, Video Ads
Amount of Open Req Promoted 7 10 15 30
Monthly Pricing $2,495 $3,495 $4,995 $6,995
Annual Pricing Email Us Email Us Email Us Email Us

Recruitment Results Performance Comparisons

Based on Popular Service Structures

Below are a few examples of average hires using various recruitment service agreements for Nurses, NP/PA’s, and MD/DO’s
Annual Budget hrmaximizerlogo Contingency *Hires* Retained *Hires* RPO *Hires*
RN’s $180k 60 14 11 N/A
NP/PA’s $180k 60 9 9 N/A
MD/DO’s $180k 36 7 7 N/A
RN’s $300k 83 23 18 N/A
NP/PA’s $300k 83 15 15 N/A
MD/DO’s $300k 60 12 12 N/A

What does this mean? Your organization will be able to hire more Nurses, NP/PA’s, and MD/DO’s for the same budget

*Based on an average of 20% of first year’s salary ($65k x 20%=$13k) per hire was used for RN’s with contingency, and 25% for retained agencies ($16,250). A late fee of $20k was used for NP/PA’s for both contingency and retained agencies. For MD/DO’s, an average flat rate of $25k per hire was used for contingency and retained.
**Most RPO’s have very complex pricing structures, however the minimum is usually range from $250k to $500k or more with an annual commitment. HR Maximizer average rates are based on a $3k average cost per hire for RN’s and NP/PA’s. The average of $5k was used for MD/DO’s.

HR Maximizer Service Plus+ for Organizations

That Do Not Have Dedicated Clinical Recruitment Screeners

This chart compares the services included in the different packages for members that do not have enough internal resources to phone screen all candidates within 1 to 3 business days.
logo Essentials Level III Level II Level I
Mobile Friendly Career Site
Mobile Optimized Application
Embedded Job Videos
Recruitment Video Production
Nurse Reviewed Job Postings
Nurse Reviewed Videos
Google Search & Sponsored Indeed
CV & Phone Screening
Presentation to HR / TA
Facebook or Linkedin Advertising
GeoTargeting, Display, Video Ads
Amount of Open Req’s / Licenses 7 10 15 25
Monthly Pricing $9,995 $14,995 Contact Us Contact Us
Annual Pricing Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us

Our Job Boards

Our Proprietary Job Boards that feature Video Jobs

Our Member Client Career Sites & References

HR Maximizer Robert Middleton Why did GCRMC become an HR Maximizer member

HR Maximizer GCRMC What made HR Maximizer a success for GCRMC Robert Middleton

What Has Been the Best Way to Advertise Nurse Positions for Your Hospital?

A sampling of some of our valued members and references for our recruitment services by monthly subscription

Healthcare Executive Reference

“I think the relationship between the hospital and Ascend allows a community based hospital with limited resources the ability to exponentialize its recruiting efforts on a regional and national basis. Because of the use of technology and relevant marketing materials, we’re able to increase our footprint and frankly introduce us to candidates that would have never considered a hospital like ours.”

Robert Middleton

VP Patient Care Services & CNO

Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center

Recruiting Executive Reference

"HR Maximizer works for us because it is more like a partnership that is very responsive to our changing business needs. We saw almost an immediate impact as far as results are concerned, however it has been the ongoing relationship that has proven to be the most valuable to us. I look at it more as an extension of our recruiting department, as opposed to a transactional relationship.”

Michelle Bubel

Director of Recruiting

RediClinic, subsidiary of RiteAid
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